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Kinderbuchladen in Zurich

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The Kinderbuchladen Zurich (children’s bookstore) was established in 1970 by Jürg Schatzmann. Together with Dorothee Vitali he developed the first specialized book store for children and young adults in the German part of Switzerland, as well as in related areas, particulary books and materials for Kindergarten and Elementary School.
The previous store at the Grossmünsterplatz was in the years after ‘68 a location for the re-launched children’s carnival, origin of the respected and very popular children’s book award “la vache qui lit” and much more.

Many institutions started to integrate with the forward-looking booksellers. The Kinderbuchladen has always been, beyond the state borders, the pilgrimage town and centre of information for schools and local libraries.

Kids, parents, grannies, god-parents, teachers and educators can find even today on two floors countless boxes full of picture books, non-fiction books sorted by topics, numerous shelves with children’s books, young adult novels for every age and the newest guide books for parents and advanced readers. Audiobooks, DVDs and a large range of games, gifts, souvenirs, costumes and postcards round off the offering. On the second floor; educational books and games, teaching aids and subject folders complement the incomparable range.

We are very happy to continue the moving history of the Kinderbuchladen, also to continue serving and advising customers, teachers and librarians and we are extraordinarily happy to continue making wishes come true for young and old, no matter how usual or unusual it is.

Location47.369312, 8.544844
AddressOberdorfstrasse 32
+41 (0)44 265 30 00 / Fax: 044 265 30 03
Opening hours
09:00 - 18:30
09:00 - 17:00

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