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Comparison between ASP.Net and PHP

The book compares two web technologies(ASP.NET and PHP) by implementing in a real estate web application
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Cover TextThe main aim of the book is to compare two web development technologies. For this purpose, a real estate application is developed using Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) with C-Sharp and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) as languages. The platforms used are Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for ASP.NET and Eclipse Helios 2010 for PHP developers. Two different servers implemented in these platforms comprising the Sql server 2008 for ASP.NET and MySQL for PHP. A real estate web application is developed with three main panels which are the user panel, advertiser panel and admin panel. The same functional requirements are used in two web technologies. When comparing two technologies, ASP. NET is found to be more efficient and reliable than PHP. During the development process it was found that, PHP is a simple scripting language in comparison to the .NET language C sharp. However, ASP.NET provides built in tools, function and controls which helps in faster development of code as compared to PHP.
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Sneha Prabha Chandran has graduated her Master's in Software Engineering at Mälardalens University in Sweden.Since then she has published research papers in the field of cloud computing technology and software project management. She has also worked in an international project which deals with web technologies in a distributed environment.
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