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Weapons of Mass Diplomacy

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200 pages
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Cover TextAn accessible and humorous insight into French politics, which is already an international bestseller and with appeal to fans of satirical political comedies such as "The Thick Of It" etc. A film adaptation has been released in France, with potential for distribution in other countries worldwide in 2014.
SummaryParis, 2002. Arthur Vlaminck, a young civil servant, lands an impressive first job as the speechwriter for Alexandre Taillard de Vorms, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Quai d?Orsay. Vorms is no simple man. A refined and driven intellectual, he loves Napoleon, frequently quotes classical poetry and philosophy ? and if he bears more than a passing resemblance to the real Foreign Minister at the time, Dominique de Villepin . . . well, the authors couldn?t possibly comment. As the imposing doors of politics and diplomacy swing open, Vlaminck is thrown into a world of large egos, high stress, and low cunning ? and tasked with drafting France?s response to a growing international crisis in the Middle East for de Vorm?s mission to the United Nations. Spanning the run-up to an invasion, we see in painful ? and often hilarious ? detail the inevitable clash between Gallic reluctance and American assurance over the case for Weapons of Mass Destruction ? a period that sees French fries become ?freedom fries? and a line from The Simpsons about ?cheese-eating surrender monkeys? gain international currency. A tale of French diplomacy, Ancient Greek divinities, and the seemingly intractable problems of the Middle East, Weapons of Mass Diplomacy is an internationally bestselling, award-winning graphic novel that provides a profound, informed, and often very funny portrait of how ?stuff happens? behind the closed doors of the Quai d?Orsay.
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Publishing year2014
Publishing date31/12/2019
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Abel Lanzac, a pseudonym for Antonin Baudry, is a French diplomat. His career has been a hybrid of diplomatic and cultural enterprises. He worked as Technical Advisor and Director of International Cultural Affairs for former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. Since 2010, he has been serving as Cultural Counselor for France in the US and Permanent Representative for French Universities in the US, working in the French Embassy's New York office. Christophe Blain is an artist and writer. His graphic novel series include Gus, Isaac the Pirate and The Speed Abater (all published by NBM). He has received numerous awards, including the ?Best Graphic Novel? award at Angoulême 2002 for the first volume of Isaac the Pirate, and again in 2013 for the second volume of Quai d'Orsay.