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A Visual Guide to Drink

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Cover TextIn a triumphant return to book publishing, Pop Chart Lab presents A VISUAL GUIDE TO DRINK, covering the most important topics in graphical form: beer, wine and spirits. Infographically representing everything from the very many varieties of beer and the vessels to drink them out of, to the cocktails of choice of film and literature's copious consumers, A VISUAL GUIDE TO DRINK maps, graphs and charts the history, geography and culture of the world's favourite pastime.
Additional text"Pop Chart Lab is a Brooklyn-based design company that specializes in turning nerdily encyclopedic pop-cultural knowledge into gorgeous, richly detailed infographics."
 "The poster mavens."
-New York Times
"Clever minds"
"Design geniuses"
"Once you see Pop Chart Lab's lineup of brilliant posters, we promise you'll have a hard time picking just one print."
 "We can count the list of things we don't like from Pop Chart Lab with a closed fist… The people at Pop Chart Lab can find just about anything to turn into an awesome print that we want to hang on the walls."
-Cool Material
SummaryFrom the meticulous minds at Pop Chart Lab comes an imbiber's delight: a comprehensive infographic investigation into the world of beer, wine, and spirits.
Containing everything from the many varieties of beer and the vessels from which to drink them, to cocktails of choice in film and literature, A Visual Guide to Drink maps, graphs, and charts the history, geography, and culture of the world's very favorite pastime. The domestic beer-drinking novice and whisk(e)y aficionado alike will relish this perfectly practical primer awash in essentials like charted cocktail recipes, a breakdown of brewing processes, and extensive maps of the world's wine region in Pop Chart Lab's trademark clean and elegant design.
The definitive guide to informative imbibing, A Visual Guide to Drink is a fun, functional, and beautiful concoction of data and design that is sure to inspire delight in readers (and drinkers) everywhere.
Product TypeBook
Publishing year2015
Publishing date01/07/2015
Pages204 pages
Article no.20827236


Patrick Mulligan and Ben Gibson created Pop Chart Lab in 2010 to chart pop culture touchstones and sell them as posters. The company has grown into a team of fifteen employees and continues to assemble, sift, cull, and arrange cultural data into meaningful works of art and information. Pop Chart Lab is located in Brooklyn.