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The Dirty-Minded Christian

The Dirty-Minded Christian

How to Clean Up Your Thoughts with the ADAPT2 Principle
170 pages
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Cover TextDo you have a dirty mind? No, not that kind of mind-but a mind that allows negative thinking to steal your happiness. If so, then it is time to clean the filth between your ears and make room for a mindset that empowers you to live your perfect purpose and become who God intended for you to be.
The Dirty-Minded Christian introduces a simple transformative principle to help you ADAPT2 life's daily challenges and equip yourself for success. You can't always control what happens in the world around you; but there is one thing that only you can control-how you interpret your thoughts and respond to life's events, no matter how trivial. The key is the ADAPT2 Principle and authors Kirk and Linda Thomas will help you take advantage of their real-life scenarios, some humorous insights and the gift of grace to trust in God to guide you.
The ADAPT2 Principle will help you:
Access your optimal A-Attitude to guide the way you experience your surroundings.
Dig deep inside for the D-Discipline required to push yourself toward your goals.
Take the A-Action necessary to put your plans into motion.
Understand that most things that require P-Patience are worth the wait.
Realize that everything, including your mind, requires constant T-Training and education.
T-Trust in God in all you do, all the time.
The ADAPT2 Principle will help, regardless of your background. So, if you have a dirty mind, don't worry about it; you're human! You're not alone, and with these techniques, concepts and strategies, things will begin to improve. You will shift from stressing about what you are going to do, to confidently asking yourself; how can I ADAPT2 this?
The ADAPT2 Principle….Because Happiness Requires a Clean Mind
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