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San Miguel

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Cover TextEine einsame Insel vor der Küste von Kalifornien, die für die einen die Hölle ist, für die anderen das Paradies: Die schwindsüchtige Marantha verschlägt es 1888 nach San Miguel. Während sie sich, geplagt vom rauen Klima, von Monotonie und Einsamkeit, dem Leben entzieht, schafft es Adoptivtochter Edith, dem tyrannischen Vater und der verhassten Insel zu entfliehen. Jahrzehnte später zieht Elise Lester dorthin und findet mit ihrer Familie ihr Glück. Die Presse in den USA feiert die Lesters mitten in der Weltwirtschaftskrise als Inbild vom Mythos der Pioniere, doch die Idylle trügt. Boyle gelingt es meisterhaft, in dieser großen Saga das Schicksal dreier starker Frauen lebendig werden zu lassen.The schooner from Santa Barbara arrives at the tiny, desolate island on New Year's Day, 1888. As the trunks are unloaded onto the wet sand, thirty-eight-year-old Marantha Waters looks at the cliffs falling away into the churning sea. This is the first day of her new life on San Miguel.
Joined by her husband, a fiercely possessive Civil War veteran who will take over the operation of the sheep ranch on the island, Marantha strives to persevere in the face of brutal isolation. But the constant wind and sheep-ravaged wasteland shatter her illusions; her husband promised paradise. As he obsessively resolves to stay - and becomes increasingly distant from her and their adopted daughter Edith - Marantha's blighted lungs grow weaker in the dampness. Two years later, Edith, now a spirited teenager and an aspiring actress, will exploit every opportunity to escape the captivity her father has imposed on her.
March, 1930. Another family - and another bride - arrives on San Miguel. Elise Lester, a librarian from New York City, and her husband Herbie, a World War I veteran full of manic energy, achieve a celebrity of sorts as the news cameras take an interest in these wayward people living in the wild. But the unyielding island is haunted by its history. Will the family be able to cling together as the war threatens to pull everything apart?
San Miguel is a vivid and gripping story of hard lives pitched against the elements, the desires of stubborn men and the unbearable burden of love, from master American storyteller T. C. Boyle.
Additional textPermeated with an elegiac tone ... Atmospherically it is resonant of The Piano, Jane Campion's passionate novel of pioneering tenacity ... A powerful meditation on the skirmish between character and circumstance in these marginal lives in America's history
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Publishing date15/08/2013
Pages464 pages
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PrefaceThe biggest novel yet from the master of American fiction, the New York Times bestselling author of The Women, T.C. Boyle
CritiqueAn involving historical read and yet another illustration of this author's astonishing range. There seems to be no subject or genre that Boyle won't tackle with brio Lionel Shriver Guardian, Books of the Year


T. C. Boyle, geb. 1948 in Peekskill, New York im Hudson Valley, war Lehrer an der dortigen High-School und publizierte während dieser Zeit seine ersten Kurzgeschichten. Heute lebt er in Kalifornien und unterrichtet an der University of Southern California in Los Angeles Creative Writing.
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