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Cover TextHow do you achieve greater creativity at the world's best restaurant?
René Redzepi committed to writing a journal for an entire year to reflect on this question and the result is A Work in Progress: Notes on Food, Cooking and Creativity.
Three books in one, a journal, recipe book and flick book, A Work in Progress recounts the day-to-day life at Noma - from the trials of developing new dishes to the successes that come with winning the 50 Best Restaurant award. While the journal is the book's heart, it is supported by the recipe book containing 100 brand new recipes and the flick book of 200 candid images which provide a stunning, and often humorous, insight into the inner workings of the restaurant and it's talented team of chefs.
Reflective, insightful and compelling, René interweaves observations on creativity, collaboration and ambition making A Work in Progress of interest to food lovers and general readers alike.
SummaryAn unprecedented insight into the inner workings of restaurant Noma and its highly creative team of chefs
Contains a 60,000 word journal touching upon food and cooking, plus themes of more general appeal such as creativity, ambition and collaboration
Contains over 100 new recipes from the world's best restaurant accompanied by images by acclaimed photographer, Ditte Isager
Contains never before seen behind the scenes candid imagery of René Redzepi and his team
Product TypeBook
Publishing year2013
Publishing date15/11/2013
Pages648 pages
SizeWidth 250 mm, Height 290 mm, Thickness 45 mm
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René Redzepi, geboren 1978, ist Küchenchef des Kopenhagener Restaurants Noma und weithin anerkannt als einer der einflussreichsten Köche auf internationalem Parkett. Im Noma, das 2010 zum besten Restaurant der Welt gekürt wurde, entwickelte er eine innovative nordische Küche mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf regionalen Spezialitäten.