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The Little Italian Bakery

A perfect summer read about love, baking and new beginnings
352 pages
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Cover TextFriendship, food and romance await on this magical Italian island. It's the perfect summer read.
'A true feast for the senses' Jenny Ashcroft, author of Beneath a Burning Sky
'A bit of sunshine and romance and a whiff of ethereal mystery. What's not to like?' Trip Fiction
The scent of freshly baked biscuits, lemon and aniseed reminds Elettra of her mother's kitchen. But her mother is in a coma, and the family bakery is failing. Elettra is distraught; she has many unanswered questions about her mother's childhood - Edda was a secretive woman. The only clue is a family heirloom: a necklace inscribed with the name of an island.
Elettra buys a one-way ticket to that island, just off the coast of Sardinia. Once there, she discovers a community of women, each lost in their own way. They live in a crumbling convent, under threat from the local mayor and his new development plan. It is within the convent's dark corridors and behind its secret doors that Elettra discovers a connection to her mother's past. She also falls in love again: with friendship, baking and adventure. Features real recipes throughout including aniseed bread, rose- and honey-infused wine and spiced biscuits
Additional textFood and Italy, a bit of sunshine and romance and a whiff of ethereal mystery. What's not to like? [The Little Italian Bakery] is crowned by a love interest, and love itself in its various forms, together with wonderfully evocative food descriptions, meld together as the overarching themes. Recipes are included for some of the baking delicacies featured. It is at heart a novel with a melancholic feel, tempered by full-on life that can only mean Italy
Product TypePaperback
FormatB-format paperback
Publishing year2019
Publishing date15/03/2019
Pages352 pages
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PrefaceIn Elettra's bakery, food is the way to the heart . . .
CritiqueSet on a beautifully evoked Italian island, this atmospheric story is full of friendship, love, and the most wonderful characters - a true feast for the senses. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't remember the last time a book made me feel so hungry! Jenny Ashcroft, author of Beneath a Burning Sky


Cebeni, Valentina
Valentina Cebeni was born in Italy. She is a passionate reader with a background in the classics. Since her teenage years, Valentina has cultivated her love of writing with the discipline of a Tibetan monk, determined to explore the recesses of the human soul through her characters. She currently lives in Rome.