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The Carbon Diaries 2015

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Cover TextIt's January 1st, 2015, and the UK is the first nation to introduce carbon dioxide rationing, in a drastic bid to combat climate change. As her family spirals out of control, Laura Brown chronicles the first year of rationing with scathing abandon. Will her mother become one with her inner wolf? Will her sister give up her weekends in Ibiza? Does her father love the pig more than her? Can her band the dirty angels make it big? And will Ravi Datta ever notice her?
In these dark days, Laura deals with the issues that really matter: love, floods and pigs.
The Carbon Diaries 2015 is one girl's drastic bid to stay sane in a world unravelling at the seams.
Additional textAn absolutely brilliant read.
Product TypePaperback
Publishing year2008
Publishing date15/12/2008
Pages379 pages
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PrefaceA sharp and witty story from an outstanding new author: this is what global warming will really mean to the current teenage generation.
CritiquePowerful and impressive ... There is backs-to-the-wall fun in this novel. But it is also intensely serious. Books for Keeps 20090301


Lloyd, Saci
Before becoming an internationally-acclaimed author and activist, Saci has held down a bewildering variety of non-jobs, including being a storyboard artist, a cartoonist, a singer in a band, an animator and a script editor for Camouflage Films. She recently stepped down as Head of Media at NewVIc, but continues her association with the East London college. Saci's first novel, The Carbon Diaries 2015, was shortlisted for the Costa Book Award and her third book, Momentum, was shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize. Momentum is currently in development with Revelation Pictures. Visit her website at