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Shortcut to Swedish: Beginner's Guide to Quickly Learning the Basics of the Swedish Language

Shortcut to Swedish: Beginner's Guide to Quickly Learning the Basics of the Swedish Language

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Cover TextDiscover the Basics of the Swedish Language Quickly and Easily
Are you interested in the Swedish language but do not have the time or money that it takes to learn in a traditional classroom setting? Learning a new language is an incredibly enriching experience and something that everyone should do, but expensive and time-consuming classroom courses are not for everyone. Download "Shortcut to Swedish" if you are looking to quickly learn the basics of the Swedish language. This book will not teach you to speak fluent Swedish in one week. That is impossible! But this book will give you all of the most important information and high frequency words needed to build a foundation in the Swedish language quickly and easily. Think of it as a language learning course for busy people who just need to know what is important. Whether you are planning a trip to Sweden, looking to reconnect with family members, or are making an effort to learn the native language of someone you love, there are many reasons to want to quickly learn enough Swedish to get by.
Here is a preview of what you will learn:
Basic pronunciation and grammar to get you started with SwedishSwedish - English cognates to accelerate your learningNoun genders and pluralsVerb conjugations (hint: they are easy!)Useful phrases to start speaking Swedish todayThe 200 high frequency words that you should learn right away
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